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Meaningful Collaborations

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GUERLAIN is the world famous French fashion and cosmetics house. 
We helped with doing Marketing Research to test and understand the user journey on their mini-program which was made by a more than 100 pages report.

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Cos d’Estournel

Cos d’Estournel is a luxury French wine from St. Estephe. We collaborated on H5 design and development for their campaign that attracted many audiences.



NADA is a boutique coffee brand founded by a Chinese Barista.
We helped with defining the strategy of WeChat.


LIROSA fine jewelry

LIROSA is a classic and high-end Italian jewelry managed/sold in China
We helped with defining potion and branding.

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BURTON Academy

It has been great to work with the great Burton Academy and we have produced a brochure for its upcoming new programme opening



International and multidisciplinary, the FISE World Series organized by Hurricane Events brings together the best athletes from BMX Freestyle Park and Flatland, Skateboard, Mountain Bike, Freestyle Roller, Parkour and many others. 
We are the agency who is in charge of their marketing in China.



A fashionable and stylish Singapore bag brand,we are helping them developing red book.

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StaryMelnikBeer is a typical and tasty Russian Beer. We helped with managing their Chinese social media platforms which includes copywriting/design/localization.


​Skinny B#tch

Chinese fancy vodka-soda beverage that is an entry lux brand. We are the agency that helped with managing/designing their Chinese social media and all marketing material.

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Packaging box from Austria, we helped with designing the logo and concept.

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Information Technology company that we helped with designing & developing H5

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